Dress from Parang Batik leftover

One of the issue of creating something, like create a dress, a top, or anything by sewing is producing the leftover fabric. While we work with ethnic fabric, that not made easily, so sometimes it’s hard to put the leftover fabric into garbage bin.

In other side, the leftover fabric is become a mess in our studio and it’s not longer spark joy. Yes, remember Marie Kondo that said that we have keep the things that spark joy.

So, yesterdey we look up again what the things that made us spark joy.

BUT IT’S HARD to take the leftover ethnic fabric into the garbage bin. I think I should write about how the batik made, how the tenun made. It’s nor really easy.

So, we decide to make a WIN WIN SOLUTION.


We choose the leftover fabric with same motif dan same tone of color.

Today we choose batik with PARANG motif.

Parang motif is geometric motif that draw diagonally in the fabric. This motif depends on two parts: the gareng (curve) and mlinjon (lozenge in every peak of gareng). This motif was created by Sultan Agung from Mataram. He made this motif while meditating in south Java beach. He saw the waves that come to the beach and destroy the coral. The strength of the wave became his inspiration to create PARANG motif.

So, this is what we made form leftover fabric of batik parang.

The size of the leftover is different in every color. Actually there are four colors that we use together: pink, green, blue, and black. Thank God there are white color on every fabric, so the it create same tone.

gelintang dress batik parang (8)

We choose to make a dress. The simple one. We add the pompom on some part.

We think it’s going good. Maybe some of you not brave enough to wear some kind of dress like this. But, we love the result and it sparks joy! Hehe.


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